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Lenny’s Web Design and Writing Service

What I want to help you do:

* Design your website, or redesign it, to make it more appealing and functional,
* Get new people's eyes on your site by using social media to entice them to click, and
* Tell your story about what you do and why potential customers should give you a chance. is my news site with more than _ posts, so far. blab blab was my first project. It's a blog dating back more than five years.

Web Design

Writing and Social Media

I work at the web hosting company IONOS, and that's where this WordPress website and my two others are hosted. I answer customer service calls concerning the company's web builder, MyWebsite, so I know the ins and outs of those CMSs (content management systems) very well.
My favorite part is helping customers create and fix their websites — especially making suggestions, introducing new ideas and fixing mistakes, both technical and writing. I’d love to do follow through with clients full-time, rather than see something for the first time on a random phone call that’s not supposed to last more than 15 minutes.
I also enjoy finding the right set of products for customers, so they're not paying more than they should, yet getting what they need. Plus, I handle billing issues.
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I spent more than a quarter-century producing newscasts in Philadelphia, Miami and Connecticut. Journalists cover all sorts of stories so we're known to know "a little bit about everything"


the Tri-Cities of TN/VA.

Fox 29

Reporting for PGN & social media.

taught first grade for eight years.

I also run a news website (above left) and a personal blog (above right).

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The Latest

while working at web-hosting company IONOS.

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