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Quick Tip

BASIC BRANDING: Does the video above show NBC10 First Alert or StormTracker4? That’s a big deal, especially on the homepage!

Is this weather radar from the Philadelphia station or the New York station? Do viewers know or care? Are they confused? We don’t know. But just in case, the station should:

  • remind readers who they’re seeing,
  • prove it’s the most credible in all areas,
  • make sure readers don’t have questions that’ll cause them to check the competition, and
  • show it’s the best in the nation’s fourth-largest TV market!

Does it matter that the New York station is providing content for the local Philadelphia viewing area? Probably not. That’s a question for a radar expert.

But should the Philadelphia station own its product and get rid of New York’s StormTracker4 branding? Absolutely!


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