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Special thanks to my former bosses, coworkers, customers and business acquaintances who have written. Please contact Lenny if you're interested in adding your name and thoughts. Thank you!

“Very helpful and explained well.”

“I couldn’t be more impressed and grateful to Lenny.”

“Lenny and the team are really helpful.”

“He was professional, knowledgeable and diligent in assisting me”

“The web support was absolutely phenomenal”

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“He is a major asset to your company.”

“Best tech call in 35 years!”

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Website development

Customer service

Listening, helping, educating

Taking time to explain, detail-oriented

Online stores and website design

“Without question the best hire I ever made as a news director and one of the top 5 people I’ve ever worked with, in or out of a newsroom.
I’ve worked with a lot of good people, and a few great people.
And then there are five former colleagues who make up my dream team.”
John Soares, former WCYB news director

boss, 2015-2016

“Lenny is highly motivated, innovative and thorough.
He thinks outside the box and always goes the extra mile.
I would hire Lenny in a heartbeat!”
Rebecca Pepin, WCYB news anchor

coworker, 2015-2016

“For news judgment, creativity, and all around excellence, there is no one better than Lenny Cohen.
I worked with him for years in KYW-TV’s fast-paced environment and every show he produced/wrote/oversaw showed a professional at the top of his game.
Perhaps the best sum up of this news star: Lenny’s good, he’s easy to work with, and your product will shine.”
Carol Erickson, KYW-TV news anchor and meteorologist

coworker, 2000-2004

“I worked with Lenny at WSVN-Fox in Miami. His boundless enthusiasm for current affairs was apparent from the moment he walked into the newsroom.
Lenny’s incredible work ethic and attention to detail was well known. He held his own in a fiercely competitive and highly stressful environment but was always available for a chat.
Lenny strived to produce the best shows he could make which were well rounded, interesting, and engaging — all of the qualities that describe him.”
Gilberte Phanor, Sky News journalist/documentary producer and former WSVN writer/producer

coworker, 1994-1997

“Lenny earned my admiration and respect by working his way up from an entry-level position to become a news producer in one of the fastest, most cut-throat and competitive TV markets in the country.
He was always quick on his feet, generous with sincere compliments and willing to teach others.
He has become a lifelong friend to me and a thoughtful gentleman to all around him.”
Kimberly Moore, Lakeland Ledger reporter and former WSVN writer

coworker, 1994-1997

“News ‘reporters’ are now all political activists.
They are no longer impartial journalists.
All except Lenny Cohen.”
Matthew Levine, founder, “Americans Not Suffering from TDS (Trump derangement syndrome)” Facebook group

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